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J258 - Thursday, July 1: 7km before Aby - Liatorp

74.05km  – 10H29’
Altitude : 158 m
La fraîcheur est revenue pour le plaisir de Serge, et tant pis pour notre bronzage que nous étions entrain de cultiver, le confort de notre coureur prime sur des détails aussi futiles !!
Cool weather has returned, much to the pleasure of Serge, and too bad for our tan, which we were working on.  Our runner’s comfort comes before such trivial details.
I would like to extend belated thanks to Frédéric, who from London has confirmed that the Little Mermaid has been sent to Shanghai for the duration of the World Expo.
A lot of you have confirmed this information and added many details about Denmark.  I’m thinking most particularly of Nicolas, whose mother is Danish.  Other information says that this flat country is sometimes hilly, which is also the case in Sweden, especially in the south.  There is not a true elevation gain and loss but real flat is rare or nonexistent.  You can see what I mean on the graph at Garmin Connect, on this site.  The jagged graph marks show the succession of bumps on the asphalt ribbon.
We have collected 20 mileage predictions: the lowest being 24,001 km, the highest 27,500, and 3 people have given the figure of 26,500.  All this is to say that even 3 months from the end of the adventure, it does not appear easy to have an idea of the outcome.  Some think that Serge will ease up and others that he will keep to this mileage until the end.  I have to admit that even I am unable to see anything in my crystal ball.  It is good to note that you are all in agreement that Serge will beat the present record.  Speaking for myself, when the record is broken I don’t know what Serge’s frame of mind will be!
Thanks to all of you for turning this adventure into a dialogue, a story.
Yesterday, Gaëtan Louis began a personal challenge «the Tro Breizh 500»: 500 km in 5 days.  It is a novel way of celebrating his half century.  This Around the European Union Footrace enabled us to meet Gaëtan and his wife, Patricia, last October.  If you are able to follow Serge real-time, it is thanks to the two of them with their partner, Technologie Sport TK – 
So long as there are men, there will be ideas.  Fair winds Gaëtan.
Have a good day.  Serge’s stride is more fluid and it is good to see.

Town : Liatorp

GPS : N 56.39’73.9° E 014.17’07.8°