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J260 - Saturday, July 3: Fjälkestad - Heinge

74.05km  – 10H15’
Altitude : 85 m
It was a beautiful day in southern Sweden.  It is always difficult to choose between main roads with heavy traffic and small, country roads wither more hills.  Serge staggers under the blow but does not complain and I know that he is thinking why is Laure making me take these short cuts?  I’m sick and tired of these hills!  But at the end of the stage Serge is in a positive mood and tells me that he was lucky to have shade at times and a change of wind when the road direction changed.  This comforts me!
For the rest of the log, I will let Roger speak of the daily role of the different players.  It will be a typical day in the life of the Around the European Union Footrace:
« Serge:
In addition to his athletic prowess, he has exceptional mental strength.  7 days out of 7 for 365 days regardless of the weather, at about 7:00 AM he leaves to run more than 70 km.  After his shower in the evening, he eats his dinner with the team and in spite of the fatigue of the day likes to talk about current events and sports.   At the time he is incredibly relaxed and the suffering he experienced during the day does not show on his face.  Then after dinner it’s time for a well deserved sleep.
Serge is a perfectionist and the start of every stage must be exactly where he stopped the day before.  Videos must be impeccable, etc., etc.
Has an enormous job and the organization is rigorous: management of the team, reconnaissance of the following day’s itinerary (the routes on the maps and via Internet are not always exact).  Sometimes it isn’t possible to run on certain roads because of the traffic or the state of the pavement so another itinerary must be found.  Crossing capitals is also absorbing.  Laure takes care of the food for Serge and the team, changes currency in countries not in the Euro zone and handles all administrative tasks such as finding Wi-Fi connections and lodging for the night. Once the stage is finished she takes care of the Garmin watch and all the IT material.  In the evening, there the day’s debriefing with the team.
The Support Team :
Every 5 km, i.e., every 40 to 45 minutes, Serge’s refueling must be prepared.  He walks while he is eating, then the dishes are washed and the crew leaves to find the next stopping place, which is not always easy.  The food for the next refueling has to be heated (refueling alternates sweet and salty foods). The crew is attentive that Serge has a balanced diet and eats well.  At every traffic circle and crossroad they guide Serge and this is often complicated in the city, where parking is difficult.  The days speed by.
If you haven’t lived it, you can’t imagine the difficulties of the race and Serge’s achievement.  It is an extraordinary adventure, thanks to the kindness and simplicity of Serge and the team.”
Merci à Roger pour ce témoignage, et à sa chère et tendre qui est plus timide.
Thank you for this testimony, Roger and to his sweetheart who is shy.
Tomorrow, Sunday: direction Malmö, then Copenhagen, clocking of 19,000 km and René’s birthday.  It will be a busy day!!!

Town : Heinge (Skane)

GPS : N 55.39’93.8° E 013.52’44.2°