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J261 - Sunday, the 4th of July: Heinge – Malmö south

74.09km  – 9H26’
Altitude : 32 m

19,000 km in 260 days, 3 hours and 35 minutes
Serge hasn’t spoken to us all day
The time of departure is changed to 6:30 AM due to a change of program
It’s a Happy Birthday, 62 years, for our René and for Michelle too.
Frédéric, a Frenchman who has been living in Malmö for 10 years, ran 41 km with Serge
The sun is blazing – Laure is stressed – the team is tired
Bye Bye Sweden    
The end of the stage at Malmö, Serge gets into the car and heads for Copenhagen
There is a magnificent view from the bridge: wind turbines in the sea, our take off for Denmark.  There is a small sign on an immense bridge, a colossal construction.
The sky is low and stormy; we reach the center of the city to take photos of Copenhagen.  We meet French people.
We leave Copenhagen for our RV park, which is south of the city.
This evening we have Champagne and chocolate-raspberry cake concocted by Brigitte in Bréauté; it’s delicious, pure happiness!  She said she was afraid it might not be good because it is the first she has made. Well, we are ready to try another any time she wishes!
As Roger said « it’s just like home. »
A thought for my late brother, Philippe, who would have been 50 this year if he had not left us unexpectedly on this day three years ago.  Serge dedicated his day and his 19,000 km to him.
Vive le sport – long live life and Seize the day.  This evening the fatigue on our faces and Serge’s discomfort are summed up in a big “smile”.

Town : Malmö

GPS : N 55.32’59.6° E 012.59’99.9°