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J262 - Monday, July 5: Hudinge (south of Copenhagen) – Slagelse (Denmark)

74.73km  – 10H04’
Altitude : 63 m
The first stage in Denmark
At 6:48 AM our runner leaves the RV Park and heads toward Koge.  We attack Denmark on the coastal road for 10 km.  Pedestrians share the bicycle path, which is perfect and there is an impressive number of people who go to work by bike, from the oldest model to triathlon bikes.  No doubt about it, Denmark is a country of cyclists; besides, don’t they have professional teams and representatives in all the world’s great races?  And our Serge seems to have recovered from yesterday.
It’s not too hot and the traffic is acceptable, for a capital suburb.  Here the scenery is different from that of Sweden and Finland.  We feel like we are “at home.”  However, drivers are not as patient as those we have encountered over the past two months and there are fewer places to park.  The weather is lovely, which is the main thing.
Again, a head wind has come up.  Laure and Béren go ahead to check the itinerary we have chosen, change currency and fill the fuel tank in order to keep heading west, then south, when we will have crossed the 2 bridges which separate us from the “true” continent.
Roger and Brigitte accompany us in « Adrienne ».  Tomorrow they will leave for Normandy.  It has been short but it’s good to see them.
It is a lovely evening, under « Adrienne’s » veranda, so we don’t feel the few drops of rain that fall and we are warmed by the cheerful atmosphere.
Today’s log is signed by René

Town : Slagelse (Sjælland)

GPS : N 55.23’37.0° E 011.21’39.9°