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J264 - Wednesday, July 7: Haarby – Fredericia

74.90km  – 10H13’
Altitude : 27 m
Today’s itinerary was run for most of the way along bicycle circuit N°60 and 70, after Assens.  Since there are always pros and cons to choices, this itinerary is no exception.  The pros: tranquility for Serge, easy parking for the van and admirable views of the sea.  The cons: necessary concentration on the route, with a multitude of direction changes which monopolized both vehicles and mean that the website is updated a bit late; it is difficult to be in two places at once.
As soon as you look up you can admire the beautiful Danish countryside and you can’t miss seeing one or several wind turbines.  I know that in France there is a lot of discussion about the installation of this ecological source of energy. There are many associations that are opposed to installing them, for different reasons.  Here there is nothing shocking about them and they blend into the scenery.
The whole team is surprised to see so many homes with thatched roofs and special ridge tops, which we photographed yesterday.  The majority of the homes are brick, mostly painted (like the churches) but occasionally natural.
Just a word about the photos on our site.  Many of you have congratulated us so I want you to know that the photos are taken by the different members of the team.  Since we arrived in Denmark, we have been snapping away.  After the month in Sweden, in the midst of pine and birch trees and wooden houses painted Falun red, Denmark offers different scenery, even though southern Sweden and the Skane region most resemble this Danish scenery.
Twice now we have seen seasonal workers in the fields: the cars parked along the road have Romanian, Polish, Lithuanian and Danish license places.  The labor is very European.
Another change is the population density.  We have gone from 20 inhabitants per square kilometer in Sweden to 128 in Denmark.  We can feel the difference because, like at home, the country is full of houses and there is little forest.  The small cities have a city center with shops.  In Sweden the supermarket is often the only store.  So we are back in European “civilization” and it will be that way until the end of the Around the European Union Race.  We have left peace and tranquility on the road behind us.
Serge’s final word is « it feels good when it stops”.
As I put this log online, the Germany-Spain soccer game is beginning and our survey indicates that the whole team has a soft spot for a Spanish victory because this team has never reached a World Cup final and also because Villa is Bérengère’s pet !

Town : Fredericia (Jutland)

GPS : N 55.31’73.1° E 009.42’51.8°