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J265 - Thursday, July 8: Fredericia - Aarenbaa

74.13km  – 10H13’
Altitude : 23 m
Today the scenery is more monotonous than yesterday.  Since Kolding we have been on Route 170, a north-south road which goes to the German border and is not of great interest.  So we enhance our conversations by talking about things other than the race: the final of the World Cup and I have a feeling that at all cost on Sunday we must find a TV that works, which was not the case yesterday!! It almost caused the breakup of a couple (no! I’m kidding).
The weather was particularly sultry and stormy.  Serge did not realize it and didn’t wet his head enough or put on sun block soon enough.  He is in a very good mood and spends his time teasing Bérengère.  Serge is the type who likes to pull people’s legs.  It’s a sign that he is OK and in spite of his sore Achilles tendon, he can put aside his discomfort.
Our last night in Denmark will be at the RV Park of Aabenraa : Dutch, Germans, Norwegians, Swedes, all the Scandinavian countries, are now on vacation like we are in France, except for the kids who are re-taking their baccalaureate exam this afternoon and who will have the results next week (I’m saying a little prayer for my nephew who was sitting his exam today). We believe in you Max!
Tomorrow morning we will be in Germany for an undetermined amount of time.  The pavement in Berlin should feel Serge’s stride on July 16.
In the meantime, it is D265 so there are only 100 days to go!

Town : Aabenraa (Jutland)

GPS : N 55.01’55.1° E 009.24’85.1°