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J266 - Friday, July 9: Aarenbaa – Jörl

74,14km – 10H13’
Altitude : 23 m
This morning it was Béregère who showed me the heat haze over the sea.  The day was really sweltering.  At 10:00 AM Serge was already wearing his hat and he drenched his head with water at every refueling.
At km 34.5 we entered Germany without even realizing it.  Luckily in Denmark there was as sign posting all the speed limits, otherwise the border crossing would have gone unnoticed in this flat countryside, to the west of Flensburg.  We left Denmark at the small village of sofiedal on a less than secondary road.
There are 16 Länder in Germany.  The Schleswig-Holstein Länd, of which the capital is Kiel, is the only land link between Germany, therefore Europe, and Scandinavia.  It is located between the Baltic and North Seas. We will skirt cities such as Lübeck and Hamburg and choose small, country roads by which we will reach Berlin in less than a week.
Serge looks less fatigued.
I received the excellent news that my nephew, Max, passed his baccalaureate exam.  So the trio of my 2 nephews and 1 niece has its baccalaureate degree and this evening there will be celebrating in Rouen.  Like Samantha in Bewitched, I would like to be able to fly there to be at the celebration with my family, just for an hour or so.  Unfortunately, I don’t have witch’s powers, which must be wonderful.  From afar we will drink a nice cool, German beer to celebrate the students’ success.

Town : Jörl (Schleswig-Holstein)

GPS : N 54.35’44.8° E 009.18’93.5°