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J267 - Saturday, July 10: Jörl – 3km after Hanerau Hademarschen

74.06km  – 10H09’
Altitude : 27 m
Flags flying, stickers, covers on rear view mirrors and cars covered in the country’s colors.  Some store windows are even decorated in black, yellow and red.  The whole country is supporting the national soccer team for tonight’s match, unless it is for some other event and we don’t know what that might be.
Under a blazing sun, without a breath of air, Serge runs between fields of corn, pastures with cows, a succession of villages and bicycle paths.
Our itinerary has been adapted to fit the Kiel Canal (Nord-Ostee-Kanal in German), which is 100 km long and links the North Sea to the Baltic Sea.  There is heavy navigation on the canal and few bridges so we have the choice of crossing at Rendsburg or below Albersdorf.  We choose the second option in order to avoid the city of Rendsburg, pop. 30,000, and this enables Serge to run on small roads and cycle paths.
The heat wave which has hit France is also felt in Germany.  You perspire even if you stay in the shade without moving and we wonder how Serge can maintain the rhythm in this oven.  At kilometer 20 he says “we would be fine if we were at the beach swimming…”  It’s a dream, especially since he still has 7 hours to run in such heat!
« It was a good start which lasted 5 hours, then his average fell due to the heat; otherwise, it was a nice day for running: flat terrain and bicycle paths”

Town : 3km après Hanerau Hademarschen

GPS : N 54.07’00.1° E 009.27’49.3°