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J269 - Monday, July 12: Sülfeld - Lanze

74.07km  – 11H03’
Altitude : 10 m
We who waited so long for summer now have it with a vengeance. The temperature is over 40°C in the sun, on the asphalt.  At 8:30 in the shade under a roof, it was already 27°C.  It is the hottest day.  Strangely enough, even after 3 days of this heat we are still not used to it.  We are dripping, completely liquefied so you can imagine what it is like for Serge.  The only luck he has is that the terrain has been flat since we entered Germany.
Serge struggles, like he did yesterday but he will not modify his running time.  He won’t give up anything and I allow myself to call him “pig headed”.  But I forgive him because his daily mileage continues to be his primary motivation.
The itinerary has not been too easy.  After Bargteheide, we took the #404 highway, with its solid stream of traffic.  There were the remains of a bicycle path to Trittau, then nothing.  We took small secondary roads but road works on the Talkau road (road closed) obliged us to find an alternate route to reach Roseburg.  As we rounded a bend we came upon the hamlet of Wotersen with its superb château and buildings.
The day finished on a bicycle path that we drove on with our vehicles so as not to leave our runner.
To sum it up: the day was stifling, traffic was dense, the itinerary was complicated, the scenery was beautiful, all the homes we saw were brick,  always brick, the runner ate well, the runner was filthy by the end of the stage, we finished another day and everyone found something to be positive about during the stage.
The weather forecast says that tomorrow will be cooler. Yay!

Town : Lanze

GPS : N 53.23’28.6° E 010.36’31.4°