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J271 - Wednesday, July 14: Gorleben – Krezke + 3km to Kampehl

74.37km  – 11H05’
Altitude : 50 m
It is raining in Paris and Normandy on the French national day and we are still in the midst of a heat wave in Northern Germany.  The days pass by and sometimes they seem to run together so it is good to have events to remind us which day it is.  On Sunday, July 11 it was Serge’s father’s birthday and the following day my brother’s birthday so even though we are far away we are reminded that there is a life other than our race against the clock…
At 6H56 am Serge takes off « gently, » alternating walking and running, as is his habit.  9 km after departure, at Gartow, we see Laurent again on his bike.  It is 32°C at 8H20.  We had to find a bridge to cross the Elbe.  We find it at Wittenberge, the city where once again the two front tires of the camping car are changed (sigh!!).
Serge is more talkative than yesterday, even if the end of the stage is not much fun on roads with no shoulders, and in this part of the Federal State of Brandenburg there are no cycle paths. Plotting a suitable itinerary is mission impossible and it upsets me.
At km 71, Serge reaches the national route 5 and on this portion there is no cycle path.  I suggest that he get into the vehicle so I can drop him 35 km further on to finish the stage at Gasthof, where we will spend the night.  Serge finishes his day by running 3 km and tomorrow when he leaves he will be approximately 75 km from Hohen Neuendorf, where we will sleep tomorrow night.  Peter has planned a well-filled day for Serge on July 16 and he must be in good shape, no super shape, to keep to the program.
Brandenburg surrounds but does not included the national capital and city-state of Berlin.  A referendum took place in 1995 to merge the Länder of Berlin with the Länder of Brandenburg.  A narrow majority of Berliners voted for but the inhabitants of Brandenburg voted against.  This Land has a Prussian history and its borders have been changed several times, since this province was part of the old German Republic.  For us, the contrast is rather striking, not only in the homes and in the villages we cross but also in the condition of the secondary roads.  I will have an opportunity to speak of this another time but for the moment we are preparing our crossing of Berlin.

Town : Kamphel (Bradenbourg)

GPS : N 52.52’01.9° E 012.27’50.8°