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J272 - Thursday, July 15: Krezke + 3km to Kampehl – Hohen Neuendorf

74.35km  – 10H45’
Altitude : 50 m
There are days when life is hectic on the Around the European Union Footrace.  After calculating the arrival at Hohen Neuendorf (it’s well known that I’m not good with figures), we had to readjust our itinerary during the morning.  There were still not enough kilometers so Serge finished his day in the parks of Hohen Neuendorf, guided by Peter Bartel on his bike, holding his French flag.
This evening Bérengère and Eliane are packing their bags.  It has been a very feminine team these past weeks.  Bérengère, Grainvillaise (from Grainville-Ymauville, our dear home town), is our neighbor.  Very active in the life of the village, she met us during the Grainville-Ymauville 24 Hour race which we organize.  Since that time, she has started running and one thing led to another so she came to spend 4 weeks with us.  Dynamic, always ready, in spite of the fact that she was never a “girl scout;” always afraid that she will disturb or not do a good job, she was perfect and full of enthusiasm.  Thanks Bérengère and see you soon.
Everyone knows Eliane, even in Nantes.  She has collected nice comments from people who don’t know her but have seen photos of her on the website.  Eliane is our starlet, always cool, even in a heat wave.  She is the surrogate mother to all of us and she takes particular care in feeding our runner and always excuses him or finds good reasons for him to be right (smile!).  After the long months with us on the Paris-Tokyo, they have become accomplices.  For those of you who have asked, Eliane is not René’s wife and Bérengère is not their daughter, even if she could be.  Thanks Eliane.  I know when you get back your schedule is very full (what energy!).
This evening Peter bought us drinks and you will never guess what we drank… nice cool beer, because it continues to be very hot.
Thanks go to Mr. Gerd Kurth, who welcomed us most graciously in his hotel, Lunik Park of Hohen Neuendorf, just north of Berlin.  It is a bit of countryside near an important capital, real luxury.  Serge was even entitled to a massage, compliments of a charming woman who is part of the hotel staff.  Peter really thought of everything.
For Serge, it was a rather difficult day because as soon as he got up in the morning his eyes were only half open, then he had an upset stomach and during the second part of the day he felt like throwing up.
Que Calor! And tomorrow we start by crossing the city, guided by Peter Bartel, a true Berliner.    What good luck!

Town : Hohen Neuendorf

GPS : N 52.66’23.9° E 013.28’39.8°