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J274 - Saturday, July 17: Nächst-Neuendorf - Zahna

75.16km – 11H17’
Altitude : 101 m
It was a long, a very long day.  Serge is struggling and we can almost believe that he is paying for his zealousness of yesterday.  To tell the truth, he did not sleep a wink last night because of the incredible heat in the hotel room, over 35°C.  Then from 1:00 AM a violent storm broke and lasted into the early hours of the morning.  At 6:00 AM, when the alarm rang, Serge felt as if he had not slept at all, even if his body had rested.  His face reflects the intense fatigue of someone who  partied all night!
When he is more tired than usual, pain is more difficult to live with and Serge is suffering.  The whole body is worn out in certain “delightful” places such as the pubis, the left knee and the right Achilles tendon….
And yet, Serge does not seem to be content to run only 74 km and have a longer day because he ran more than 75 km.  He never ceases to astonish me!
We are again in the Land of Brandenburg with its fields that stretch as far as the eye can see, its country roads lined by hundreds of trees, its villages with cobblestone streets, its old collective farms transformed into just plain farms, its modest homes, its old brick buildings more or less renovated, its forests of pine and oak.  Brandenburg is the Land which is the least heavily populated of Germany.  Rural life is evident and its beauty undeniable.  Traces of the past are still visible and give the place a special charm, a feeling of nostalgia.  This evening we are in another province “the State of Saxony-Anhalt”.
Daniel is behind the wheel of the van with Arlette while RenĂ© and I play “advance guard” for a long day and a place to sleep 18 km from Zahna, and a finish point.  Rather than losing time on the road in the car to reach the departure point in the morning, we have decided that Serge will leave tomorrow from Wittenberg, where we will sleep this evening.  The itineraries for the successive stages will not necessarily be in a straight line, the important thing being for Serge to run his 74 km every day.  For the past three days it has been the case and it will continue to be so when we return to France, where Serge will make a mini tour de France of almost 3,000 km, but we will not pass through Brive-la –Gaillarde!!!
As of today,  the day before the 20,000 km, we will continue in the direction of Erfurt, then Nuremberg, avoiding the main roads and all the big cities, before we reach Luxembourg.

Town : Zahna (Saxe-Anhalt)

GPS : N 51.54’99.6° E 012.48’21.8°