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J275 - Sunday, July 18: Lutherstadt Wittemberg – Trebbichau an der Fühne

75.24km  – 10H59’
Altitude : 81 m
Serge is going to speak so sit down, have a beer (a fruit juice for the kids) and if you can’t follow, have another (with moderation of course!).
The holidays are going well and they continue every day.  I got an e-mail of encouragement from the bear I saw in Sweden.  It made me very happy! But not as much as receiving a call this morning from my parents to congratulate me for clocking 20,000 km.
Excuse me for this rather abrupt transition between the bear and my parents, but I think that everyone will understand the level of my fatigue.  Laure’s comment: He hasn’t been smoking pot (Serge, not the bear!).
I got an e-mail from a reindeer, no, this time it’s for laughs!!!
My thoughts for the day:
•    Controlling pain.  I am able to be stronger because I know that I have my finger on the switch and can stop when I wish or decrease the intensity: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day; as opposed to someone who suffers pain without controlling it.  For the same pain, he who controls it can put up with it more easily, that is the whole difference.  If my explanation is not clear, type (smile!)
•    Break the monotony by being a nomad.  What we are doing is completely routine, except that the constant change of environment means that we never have the feeling of monotony.  The same gesture is never the same.  And that is why I love these two thoughts more than any other: “it is better to be somewhere else rather than tomorrow” by I don’t know who, and “To live means to be continually moving forward” by Théodore Monod.
PS: anecdote of the day: Serge clocked 20,000 km this morning in 273 days, 22 hours and 52 minutes!

Town : Trebbichau an der Fühne

GPS : N 51.38’82.4° E 011.57’33.3°