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J276 - Monday, July 19: Gröbzig - Heygendorf

75.21km  – 10H58’
Altitude : 132 m
As you have seen, Serge was in great form yesterday, suffering from delirium over the bear he thought he saw in the Swedish forest….
Talkative (for once), he told us what he thought about during the day’s race.  Yesterday, the two subjects concerned pain and routine and I thought it would be interesting for you to hear how he sees things.
Yesterday was cooler (although it reached 25°C in the afternoon) but today the heat is back.  The itinerary was not the easiest, with 3 detours, which forced us to take another route every time. Detour is “Umleitung” in Germany (there is nothing like being in a difficult situation to learn a country’s language) and the course is lengthened by 10 km.  The extra kilometers are not a problem because Serge pursues them; the problem is the danger on certain portions of road, such as the one today between Asleben and Belleben, which we would not have taken if we had been able to stick to our planned route.
After Lutherstadt Wittemberg, a city on the Elbe where we stayed last night, at km 45 we cross the city of Lutherstadt Eisselben.  These two cities, as their name indicates, have a past closely linked to Martin Luther.  Luther was born and died in Eisselben and he lived part of his life in Wittemberg.
The secondary roads are in rather bad shape and there are still lots of cobblestone roads.  The recreational vehicle is suffering and we have to adjust the speed to give it some relief.  So, we have the time to enjoy the hilly scenery.  The wheat fields are waiting to be harvested.  For the past ten days Serge has been running on flat terrain.  The hills are not to his liking but I think that he will have to wait until he gets to Holland to find a flat country.  Between the change of itinerary, which required both vehicles all morning plus shopping for food, the day passed quickly.
 We had a technical problem at our «host’s » which prevented me from updating the Google Earth information and the 20,000 km video, which was ready last night.  I hope everything will soon be in order.
On the runner’s side, the morale is good and Serge only complains about the number of kilometers he has to run on cobblestones and surfaces on an incline, which hurt his Achilles tendon.  Tonight we he will use the ice pack!

Town : Heygendorf

GPS : N 51.20’38.7° E 011.22’30.9°