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J277 - Tuesday, July 20: Heygendorf - Witterda

75.03km  – 11H07’
Altitude : 208 m
Serge did not appreciate his day, due to the return of hilly terrain, which is started when we arrived in the State of Thuringia, in the center of which is a mountain range that we will reach tomorrow.  This state is known for its forests, but for the moment we are swimming in wheat.  At one time all the highlands were probably covered with pines, then cleared to make room for intensive farming.  I would not be surprised to learn that this place is the bread basket of Germany.  There are 2 or 3 reapers working in a line and a cloud of dust rises from these huge machines.
The weather continues to be beautiful and hot (35°C this afternoon) and when a breeze blows over the dales the heat is bearable.  It is less so when you are on the plain and on our approach to Erfurt it is suffocating.  We skirt this city to the north; the traffic at the end of the afternoon is intense and because there are no bicycle paths progress is dangerous for our runner.  At km 50, he lies down for a few minutes in the “green submarine” because he doesn’t feel well.  The stress of the road takes its toll and his constant vigilance drains his energy.  From early morning, Serge is again wearing his bandana and hat and he drenches his head at each refueling, every 5 km.  He is eating well and nothing has changed for the past few days, except that the discomfort of the roads today is particularly intense.
Arlette and Daniel have no problem with the rhythm.  We go to bed early, we get up early, we are held to a schedule between waking and the evening meal and all goes well in the best of worlds.
René looks tired and vacation approaches on winged feet.  I dread his departure but that too is life on the Around the European Union Race.

The Server is OK – Google data and the 20,000 km video are online.

Town : Witterda (Thuringe)

GPS : N 51.02’31.1° E 010.53’52.4°