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J279 - Thursday, July 22: Schwarza – Mechenried

75.21km – 10H56’
Altitude : 281 m

Serge decided to give himself an extra half hour of rest, with breakfast at 6:30 a.m. instead of 6:00, as has been the habit of late.  He is in a state of extreme fatigue, but his determination is pushing him toward the distance that must be reached.  Until the date, which should be in about a month I know he will maintain the pace as best he can, unless there is a catastrophe.
Yesterday’s heat wave gave way to storms during the night and a veiled sky this morning.  The temperature is not so extreme but it is still humid (with heat a few degrees lower).
Arlette and Daniel were behind the wheel of the van all day, whereas René became « my chauffeur ».  What luxury!  This evening René is packing his bag because tomorrow he will leave Nuremberg for Paris and France, which he left last February 7.
At approximately km 37 we change Land and enter Bavaria.  Serge notices the change without seeing the map.  He sees a difference in the quality of the road!  He is becoming a real asphalt specialist …
Houses have also changed, with the return of half timber dwellings.  The countryside is dotted with crucifixes and statues representing the Virgin Mary and the Christ child and even if the route is not flat, it does not resemble yesterday’s route (you can see it via Garmin; there is a curve showing the altitude registered during the stage).
A late start and a late finish.
It is time to go for some hydration and to toast D279, as we do every day; it is the ritual.  Serge missed this tradition once and the next morning he had a stomach ache so since then there has been no omission!

Town : Mechenried (Bavière)

GPS : N 50.06’04.5° E 010.29’48.3°