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J281 - Saturday, July 24: Weingartsgreuth - Wattenbach

75.22km  – 11H05’
Altitude : 402 m

Repeatedly, the road’s profile resembles a camel’s back; Serge does not complain.  I am still unable to flatten the roads and the main arteries are too dangerous for him to run on.  I think he has had his fill.  The map must surely be worn from being consulted so often and I have never had so much trouble tracing an itinerary.  In short, it’s not a puzzle because contrary to the “Rubik’s Cube,” I can find a solution (with he Rubik’s Cube I never got beyond one side of the cube!).  Serge swings back and forth in the descents; he looks like a stone ricocheting off the asphalt.  As he jokingly says “I love bucolic itineraries”.

The task of refueling is made difficult by dozens and dozens of road forks, so we have to juggle making soups and hot meals and doing the dishes and all the while keeping an eye on the GPS and  the map, parking and guiding Serge.  In the end 2 people are not too many. Arlette and Daniel are complementary and form a shock team that helps the day glide by on roller blades.

It rained all night but finally stopped in the morning.  Even if we never see the sun, it’s not cold: sunglasses have been put away and Serge has worn neither his hat nor his bandana for two days.  This change of temperature after the heat wave has restored Serge’s vigor, morale and humor, which doesn’t hurt.

We passed Neudorf (a small Bavarian town, not the southern district of Strasbourg), a Play-Mobil fatory and in a completely different style, a deer farm.  The houses and village farms (in Germany, contrary to France, the farm buildings are in villages), are as wide as they are long.  These imposing constructions are often decorated with magnificent and immense flower boxes of geraniums and or petunias.  Sometimes the smell of farm waste and manure catches up with us and reminds us of our corner of the Norman countryside (nostalgia!).

Town : Wattenbach (Bavière)

GPS : N 49.15’50.4° E 010.42’82.7°