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J282 - Sunday, July 25: Wattenbach - Gammersfeld

75.78km  – 10H43’
Altitude : 456 m

There was lovely sunshine, a cool breeze and a temperature of 10°C at departure this morning at 6:45.  For want of a hilly route, the wind was against us for the majority of the stage.  Serge was regulated like a metronome, except at the first refuelling which took almost 50 minutes.  Today a refuelling every 5 km took 40 to 43 minutes.

For more than a week now, Serge is drinking home squeezed fruit juice every morning: a grapefruit, an orange and a lemon.  In Lithuania, Serge became aware of his loss of weight and now every morning at breakfast has a food supplement which we buy locally and which accounts for approximately 250 kcal

As far as refueling is concerned, nothing has changed or almost nothing; always soup, ham, chicken, rice, pasta, lentils, chocolate yogurts with muesli, rice puddings and vanilla puddings.  And every 5 km he eats with a hearty appetite.

Since he lost his tooth on a post, Serge uses mouth wash regularly every day, but the fact that he eats all day long causes gum inflammation which can’t be helped by regular mouth washing.  So we have to be very careful that the all the cutlery and everything we have had in the van for the past 9 months is as clean as possible.  It is one of the many jobs of the support crew and I will admit that I have never added this job to the list of things I have spoken about as part of a crew member’s job, which does not begin when Serge leaves in the morning and stop when Serge arrives in the evening.  If a lot of people say “have a good vacation” to our support crew members  or “it must be boring to wait in the vehicle doing nothing” then I would like to invite those people to come for 2 or 3 days to understand what the job is really like.

The atmosphere early this Sunday morning in Bavaria is very quiet.  Suddenly, the square in front of the church fills with parishioners, jugglers and cyclists, who take advantage of the plateau at an altitude of 400 meters which is relatively flat with only a few bumps for those who want to have some fun with some hills.  As far as scenery is concerned, there is nothing new: hills, woods, rivers, villages.

Town : Gammersfeld (Bavière)

GPS : N 49.18’82.0° E 010.05’64.6°