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J284 - Monday, July 26: Bürg - Frost

77.6km  – 10H53’
Altitude : 111 m
Whereas most of the school children and students in Europe are on vacation, it is not yet the case in Germany.  The summer school vacation will begin Friday evening.  We are now south of Heidelberg, in the province of Baden-Wurttemberg; tomorrow we will cross the Rhine and we will leave Germany on Saturday, July 31 to enter Luxembourg
Since yesterday, Serge seems to have turned into an angel with invisible wings which give him extra speed because he is really advancing.  And I, who was all for having one stage per week of 60 km so he could rest a bit, find he is increasing his daily mileage.  The first time he ran 75 km instead of 74 I asked him if he had something in mind, I asked him again on the 3rd day.  I think that he doesn’t dare admit that he is running after a number and a date that he has set himself in order to reach his goal.  He who claims he keeps nothing from me!!! But you just have to know the bird to understand that the goals he sets himself do more than just motivate, they give him a real “boost”.  I give in and no longer even ask myself if all this is reasonable.
But why and after what is Serge running?  If you have any idea please let me know!
One thing is certain; I would rather have him running after kilometers than running after girls!
Laure’s question at the finish this evening: « Is it just by chance that this is the second day in a row that you have run more than 77 km? »
Serge’s reply:  « Sometimes things just happen » and he gives me a big

Town : Frost (Baden-Württemberg)

GPS : N 49.09’29.7° E 008.35’54.6°