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J285 - Wednesday, July 28: Frost - Neuleiningen

77.56km  – 11H19’
Altitude : 270 m
Yesterday I talked about school vacations in Germany.  Vacations during the year are set in each Land or state and each province has its own school holiday calendar.  So, we have seen no children carrying books in back packs or any school buses in the provinces we have crossed, because everyone was on vacation.  Some children will start school again at the beginning of August.  In Bavaria and in Baden Wurttemberg (i.e., in southern Germany) vacation has begun.  This afternoon, we have arrived in the Rhineland-Palatinate where the children are also on vacation.
Germany has a federal government and each Land or State has a stronger role than our French regions for education, the police force, welfare, etc.  Each Land has a constitution and a government (more information is available from Wikipedia, where I have gathered this information).  No doubt, this explains why each Land manages its own school vacation calendar
During this time Serge continues to run.
We cross the Rhine at Speyer, in pouring rain.  Because of the weather, we don’t take any photos of the beautiful cathedral at the foot of the bridge.  We have to guide Serge, who does not want to wait.  The cathedral here is surely the reason that this city is twinned with Chartres, France.
We head in the direction of Bad-Dürkheim, on the vineyard route, at the foot of the Palatinate Forest (to the north of the Black Forest), which shares a border with the North Eastern Vosges Mountains.  It has been named a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.  Once again there are ascents and descents.
With this, I leave you and say, see you tomorrow.

Town : Neuleiningen ( Rhenanie-Palatinat)

GPS : N 49.32’58.2° E 008.08’14.5°