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J286 - Thursday, July 29: Asselheim - Dittweiler

77.40km  – 11H12’
Altitude : 280 m

A white page….No, nothing extraordinary happened today.  The scenery was without particular charm, there were intermittent showers and a road with few problems (only one detour and an alternate itinerary in order to avoid a fast road).  There was nothing exceptional to tell you.
As for Serge, he seems to have forgotten his fatigue and pain and only thinks of kilometers: clocking 21,000 km on Saturday and 500 marathons (1,000 half-marathons) on Sunday.  Our runner is surfing on a wave of kilometers and does not seem ready to stop.
I am having trouble stopping to sit in front of my computer and taking time to do things quietly, since I am always active: studying the route, answering e-mails, etc., etc.  What is more, I have to connect to the Internet when I find an open Wi-Fi connection along the road, after having circled around in two towns where I had to guide Serge and the team, so it means the situation is not too comfortable.  I hope those of you who wish to have the itinerary will be lenient with us.  Saturday we will enter Luxembourg at Remich, and then we will follow the Moselle River north before turning toward Luxembourg City in the afternoon.  From there we will head south.  It will make a big loop but we have to find kilometers and Serge is an ogre.  Don’t hesitate to look at the Geolocalisation, you can follow Serge that way and many of you have run with us like that.
Our inspiration for photos is just like this log!  Tomorrow we will do a better job.

Town : Dittweiler (Rhenanie-Palatinat)

GPS : N 49.25’60.6° E 007.20’39.5°