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J287 - Friday, July 30: Dittweiler - Mettlach

77.83km  – 10H56’
Altitude : 177 m
The stage is full of contrast (waves between 300 and 500 meters) for Serge, who leaves with difficulty this morning.  He has the face of someone who has slept badly or partied all night (really, the former).  Like it or not, he starts.  At km 2, he is frozen and asks for his winter jacket; then, as he begins his first climb of the day his body warms to the right temperature.  Since the beginning of the week this is the first day we have not had rain, which is a relief for him.
There is a string of villages, with bits of forest and valleys in between.  The homes have nothing particular to point out in this province of Rhineland-Palatinate, or in the Sarre, which we reach at about km 15, except that the majority of the houses are painted white or off white.  There are fewer farms, even thought there are some corn fields.  The day before yesterday there were market garden crops on the edge of the Rhine, with immense fields of carrots and zucchini squash.
This evening, Serge descended to Mettlach, on the banks of the Sarre River.  We are not far from the Duchy of Luxembourg.  In this small city there is the head office of Villeroy and Boch, a porcelain factory which was founded in 1749 and makes a variety of products.
Arlette and Daniel are fine.  They are our young, dynamic retirees, who travel like nomads because they are particularly fond of hiking long distance footpaths and I have never seen anyone who can travel more lightly except perhaps Eliane.  Tomorrow, we are preparing for a big day with our crossing of Luxembourg City.  I saw signs pointing to Metz/Thionville), it’s crazy how close we are to France; however, we will not touch French soil before September 6, even though we will go along the French border when we are in Belgium.
L’itinéraire est en train de se peaufiner entre Luxembourg et Bruxelles mais je manque de temps pour répondre aux sollicitations d’itinéraire et je ne pense pas avoir plus de temps demain ni dimanche, donc patience où lisez les compte rendus, j’essaierai de mettre des infos. Pour demain par exemple, le programme sera Mettlach, Remich, Wormeldange,  Flaxweiler, Luxembourg.
We are fine tuning the itinerary between Luxembourg and Brussels but I don’t have enough time to respond to pleas for the itinerary and I don’t think I will be able to do so tomorrow or Sunday.  So, please be patient or read the logs.  I will try to give you the information.  Tomorrow, for example, the program will be Mettlach, Remich, Wormeldange, Flaxweiler, Luxembourg.

Town : Mettlach (Sarre)

GPS : N 49.29’84.1° E 006.35’75.9°