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J288 - Saturday, July 31: Mettlach - Livange

77.49km  – 10H55’
Altitude : 285 m
21,000km 287 days 00 hours and 29 minutes
It would be an understatement to say that it was a very busy day.
The day started with a warm up on a 13% incline, for 1.5 km in order to cross the principal mountain mass that separates the Sarre Valley from the Moselle Valley.  Serge begins his descent to Remich and Luxembourg and crosses the border at the bridge over the Moselle River, at km 21.  Then there are 15 km of flat road; Oh joy!  The vineyards cover the two hills and don’t let us forget that at km 36 we have to leave this valley and that there is a good hill in front of us.  But before that, Serge clocks 21,000 km, which he enjoys only partially because it is beginning to be hot and he arrives hungry and thirsty and with a slight attack of hypoglycemia.  To get smiles and a feeling of form we have to wait until the end of the ascent, at Banzelt, and the arrival of Vincent, who contacted us via e-mail some time ago and who follows us regularly.  Vincent and Serge are in deep conversation for exactly 23.2 km.  Many thanks to our friend of the day who proposed a super itinerary and who guided Serge, which relieved us of the task of caring for the runner in the center of town.  That would have been no small matter on this Saturday afternoon because the walking streets in the Ville Haute look like a human tide.  We also had a visit from Jean-Pierre, from Arlon, who lives in France.  He followed the second part of the stage in his car and tomorrow he will come back to run with Serge.
We cross two city districts: Kirchberg, where the institutions of the European Union are located (this is one of the 4 cities, along with Strasbourg and Brussels.  I don’t see the 4th, do you have the answer?).  The new buildings are of a rather futurist design and architecture.
La Ville Haute, the second district, is perched on a cliff.  It is the heart of the city where the City Hall, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Grand Ducal Palace are located.  The stress of a small, bustling city (fewer than 100,000 inhabitants) gives us little time and leisure to fully enjoy its treasures and history.
The two districts are opposite each other and we leave from the south to reach Livange, where Serge ends his stage and surprise, no, it’s not a surprise, Brigitte and Jean-Yves, Sébastien and Florian are there at the finish of this exhausting day.  So tomorrow you will have more details about our four new fellow travelers.

Town : Livange (Luxembourg)

GPS : N 49.31’95.5° E 006.06’68.3°