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J295 - Saturday, August 7: Oostkamp - Jabbeke

79.06km  – 11H30’
Altitude : -12 m
One time around and then you are out…..
Just for the pleasure of clocking kilometers we are running around in circles.
The weather was gray this morning, then at 1:00 p.m. the rain started and it poured for a good part of the afternoon.  But that has not kept the Belgians from going out.  Traffic is dense and near the beach there are traffic jams.  We can’t find a hotel or inn because they are all full; why did we come to spend a weekend at the beach in Belgium?  Serge does not want to stay in youth hostels again, after a bad night spent between the mosquitoes, the noise of doors slamming and late night gabbing (Serge isn’t so young after all , smile!).  All these small problems weigh heavily in the balance of my level of weariness; but Serge goes on, in all weather and against all odds and that is the most important thing.
There are bicycle paths everywhere and, most importantly, they are almost always along the road.  So Serge is at ease and does not have to worry about traffic and we can follow and guide our runner easily.  It’s a pleasure for everyone.             
We pass dozens and dozens of bikes every day.  Belgium is the kingdom of bicycles as well as beer.  Our only regret is that we have not yet eaten muscles and French fries.  And to think that Zette (her real name is Dominique) whose birthday is today, is cooking muscles and French fries for lunch somewhere south of Paris.
As a reminder, Zette is Serge’s sister.  She is taking care of all our mail and administration during our absence.  It’s a huge amount of work in addition to her own very demanding job.  She is our superwoman!
At last, the 79 km have been run, not by accident but because of a misunderstanding of the number of kilometers left before reaching our stopping place this evening in Jabbeke.  Serge is angry about this approximate calculation of the remaining kilometers: for him, the end of the stage is a crucial moment when he needs precision and markers!  As I often say, as long as Serge can grumble he still has energy.

Town : Jabbeke

GPS : N 51.13’02.6° E 003.04’67.4°