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J296 - Sunday, August 8: Jabbeke - Wichelen

77.46km  – 11H33’
Altitude : 14 m
Serge’s face was set in a scowl all day; he has a stomach ache and more important he has no pep.  He feels tired, worn out.  He dreams of sleeping without having to eat in the evening.  Perhaps we could gain time by replacing dinner with an intravenous meal, that way Serge could sleep while being passively stuffed.  I must talk to him about it.  But it really would not be possible because Serge adores injections!  He faints if he has to watch a nurse draw blood for a blood test…..
In answer to a question as to what Serge eats, I have already talked about this many times and recently with reference to  refueling.  Serge has two meals per day:
•    Breakfast: coffee, bread or brioche with butter, fresh squeezed  juice of 3 citrus fruit, a food supplement (much lighter than when he began the race)
•    Dinner (more and more frugal as time goes by): varied but few green vegetables:  omelets, pork, chicken, sometimes red meat but little of that these past months; he has no taste for it and French fries. Normally, he does not eat a first course or a desert.
•    Between these two meals, 11 hours are spent on the road and he eats ever 5 km.  Refueling alternates sweet and salty and last week or the week before I gave details.  I leave you to look for that information.  He eats without chewing; he swallows while he walks, without stopping.
Today there are two items of note: I finally booked our ferry crossing, which will take us from Amsterdam to Newcastle, England on August 21.  After periodic discussions with Serge our schedule is taking shape and I will be able to talk about it another time.
The second item is the return of the carrier pigeons and Adrienne.  More details tomorrow.
Last night we finally ate delicious muscles and French fries!

Town : Wichelen

GPS : N 51.00’49.4° E 003.57’95.3°