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J15 - Saturday, October 31 : Plérin (Multimedia library) – Le Ponthou (Le Puits de Jeanne)

78.5km – 9H43’
Average heart beats per minute 110
This Saturday should have been rainy but we are lucky because the god “Ra” is with us.  We understand that it will change so let’s take advantage of the good weather.
PlĂ©rin 7:15 AM, the center of town is ablaze and the church looks like a jewel in its case, whereas 7 runners cross the town which is deserted at this early hour.  Erwan and his friends have arrived to run with Serge from the start.  For the first 9 kilometers the support team depends on them to guide Serge to TrĂ©muson.  It’s sultry, the runners are sweating but an icy wind comes up exactly at the col de Marhalla, which we think is a strange name for a pass in Brittany.  It must mean something (if anyone knows we would be happy to have the information).  
In spite of stomach cramps, Erwan runs more than a marathon, a distance he has never exceeded before today.  On the way to a place called “Senven,” in front of a charming church, the CCPB gang and Francis are waiting for us and finish the stage.  So it’s a small group that reached the town of Bourbriac.  Church bells tell us it’s noon.
We follow the direction to Gurunhuel and on the D22 we mark 1000 km with a sign hand crafted by René and which most probably will be used again soon…
1000 km in 14 days, 3 hours and 15 minutes.  Serge is holding to his average and to his goal.
 When we reach the village of PlounĂ©vez-MoĂ«dec we realize that it’s Halloween because children in disguise are walking around the streets.  This morning we saw no sign of his holiday.
The caravan reaches Belle-Isle-en-Terre after crossing a long, sinuous, woodland road.  At PlounĂ©rin Serge is met by a team of runners from the “Rederien Plouber”  club and we learn that in Breton  rederien is the word for run.
We leave the CĂ´tes d’Armor to enter the Finistère department at the end of the day.  Serge’s legs hurt; he feels like he has been running on a roller coaster all day. Tomorrow it will be the same, if not worse, because the road undulates all the way to Brest.
Positive ascent for the day = 1996 meters

Town : Le Ponthou

GPS : N 48.56627° - W 003.63641°