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J298 - Tuesday, August 10: Averbode - Wurfeld

77.53km – 11H35’
Altitude : 36 m
Yesterday, there was a holiday atmosphere in the camp; numerous games of Petanque were played, the youngsters against the oldsters.  It seems that the oldsters disconcerted the youngsters, who lost every game… But during the time, we got everything done: washing the ice chest, boxes and dishes in the Ducato; a delicious meal is ready to eat when Serge finishes his shower and tomorrow’s itinerary studied.  In short, we don’t let ourselves be lulled by time that slips by.  The only thing missing is Wi-Fi.
This morning Brigitte and Daniel leave with Serge, the rest of the team folds up the camp.  Jean-Yves and Florian then run errands, while Sebastien and I leave on reconnaissance with the decision to delay crossing the border until tomorrow.
At km 20, after preparing a last « toasted cheese  sandwich à la Brigitte » for the refueling, our carrier pigeons leave for Normandy, a lot lighter than the last time, when Roger had to fill a whole trailer with our surplus  to take back to Jean-Yves.  Then Jean-Yves and Brigitte used a lot of elbow grease sorting it all out at our house!  It’s real team work!  Their stay was a short one and we plan to meet around August 20 to celebrate the distance of the record, which Serge will most probably break around that date, somewhere near Amsterdam.
In the meantime, we are delaying our entrance in Holland (always in the hope of clocking more kilometers).  As from August 15, we will be near Amsterdam and after that date we will head north and Serge will run in circles if necessary.  
Sleepy and aching this morning, Serge asks for a coffee after 3 hours of race, saying that he feels near collapse.  He struggles for 5 long hours.  The afternoon is not so difficult and Serge, kidding around with the team (Daniel, Florian and Seb) when military aircraft fly over their heads, holds his shoulder pretending to be hit.  What a braggart!
From 1:00 to 4:10 p.m., Daniel had a lot to do in the vehicle with the 2 youngsters, who are tired after a night sleeping without duvets (forgotten in the RV) but still full of energy!  I ended the stage in the van (this has happened regularly for the past 3 weeks), to my great pleasure, even if it leaves less time to spend on my secretarial tasks at the computer.  During this time, Brigitte and Jean-Yves prepare everything for the evening meal.  It was a good day which ended under a stormy sky in the Flemish province of Limburg.

Town : Wurfeld

GPS : N 51.05’75.7° E 005.45’39.4°