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J299 - Wednesday, August 11 : Wurfeld - Blitterswijck

77.60km  – 11H25’
Altitude : 23 m
We had a big surprise when we got up this morning; Paulette and Freddy were waiting for us when we left our hotel.  They left at 4:00 a.m. in order to meet us, laden with delicacies (syrup and sauce from Liège, biscuits, sausages, chocolate, wine) and a beautiful scarf for me.  Thank you for all these delicious gifts.  The two of them will stay with us until we reach the Dutch border at km 13.  They are incredible and as we say “if it happened twice it will happen a third time.”  They were not deterred by the rain.  During the night Serge heard neither the rain nor my snoring (this is new for me), he used ear plugs; an excellent solution!
Chantal, one of the Heavenly y Runners, who ran with Serge when he crossed Brussels, is amused by our meandering in Belgium, where Serge has run a total of 765.5 km.  For sure, the number of kilometers run in every country is not proportional to its area.
The rain subsides as the hours pass and ceases completely by the end of the morning.  For the past few days I have spoken English, French and a few words of very basic German.  What a dream, a part of the world where everyone speaks 2, 3 or even 4 languages.  These two countries have a point in common: homes are mostly made of brick.
Crossing the border means the return of « good morning » to Serge, from cyclists and pedestrians, as in Germany, for example.  Even if the borders are no longer marked, the first contact with the natives immediately gives you an idea of their culture, the attitude and the country’s habits.  In any case, we leave Belgium with memories of the people we met in the Walloon portion.  Very nice!
The day ends in beautiful sunshine on the banks of the Meuse River (Maas in Dutch).   As in Belgium, it’s vacation time and lots of people are biking on the omnipresent cycle paths.

Town : Blitterswijck (Pays-Bas)

GPS : N 51.31’77.2° E 006.06’51.3°