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J301 - Friday, August 13: Wageningen - Putten

77.63km  – 11H28’
Altitude : 2 m
22,000 km in 299 days 22 hours and 49 minutes (it’s the fastest thousand kilometers since the race started: in less than 13 days)
The notion of time: not enough and more, “not enough”… or “more”.  For me, I think of very little and a great deal at the same time.  It is a very strange sensation to think about today, tomorrow, England and the return to France, then the finish and what will follow….
Serge is happy to have clocked 22,000 km.  I have mixed feelings when I see the price his body pays to go further and higher, as if he never does enough, spurred on by the insatiable appetite of the spirit to tick off kilometers! His kilometers, his goals are his only motivation and the whole team works to enable him to achieve this magnificent obsession.
Many of you have asked the question «will he lift his foot from the accelerator after August 20? »  I am not so sure, except if his famous tendon obliges him to walk, and even that would not stop him because I know he is ready to walk for 15 hours a day, or more, if necessary.
To the question « are you going to let up»?  Serge replies “for sure, I will continue to lift my feet”.  Our runner continues to be clearheaded and have a sense of humor.
« Enormous » is a fashionable word and today at almost 2 months from the finish, I think it is indeed an enormous challenge and  I would not start off on something longer and more ambitious.  At this stage of fatigue, I no longer think, I don’t ask myself if it is reasonable or not, and I don’t advise Serge to decrease the rhythm he has set himself.  I accompany, support, and give him all my admiration and all my questions.  Head down, nose on the handlebar, I am forced to forge ahead while time flies by, giving the impression that this race will never end…….

The Video of the 22,000km is online

Town : Putten

GPS : N 52.15’25.0° E 005.33’55.7°