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J302 - Saturday, August 14: Putten - Zeewolde

77.6km  – 11H13’
Altitude : -10 m
Due to the objective of clocking kilometers, the organization today is unusual.  Serge leaves on a loop and suddenly we decided to say two nights in the same place.  It is the first time we have done so since the race began and I have to admit that it is not unpleasant.  So the teams split: Brigitte and Daniel leave with Serge for the first part of the day, Sébastien and Jean-Yves leave to reconnoiter tomorrow’s course, which will head south of Amsterdam, and Florian and I stay at the hotel to have a late breakfast, then two hours of jogging for Florian and 2-1/2 hours on the computer for me.  At 12:15 p.m. we will replace Brigitte and Daniel.
This morning, it was really something for the team in the van, who navigated alone, without having reconnoitered and without an advance car… Brigitte and Daniel did their jogging to guide Serge on the meandering cycle paths.   They took a road which prohibited cyclists and, consequently pedestrians, which was originally the planned itinerary but, as is often the case, had to be changed. Serge was tired of being honked at and grazed and I got an SOS call right at a point where it was possible to turn.  Saved!  I put my nose back in my computer.  It is a lovely, hot day but sultry.  Serge wets his head at the moment when his smile returns.  Fatigue makes him sensitive to all unpleasantness.  Yesterday, he said to me “I can’t stand much of anything anymore”.  The tendon is not better, in spite of an anti-inflammatory drug (Diclofenac) which does not disagree with Serge if he takes it with a gastric demulcent, an ice pack at night and an application of Flector Tissu-Gella at night or during the day.  For two days, we have been trying something have already done at home: a pause with application of leak leaves on the Achilles tendon.  In 3 days we will know if it has helped drain the tendon.
Tomorrow evening we will be north east of Amsterdam, again for 2 nights, without danger of losing our good habits or taking root, because the program will change.

Town : Zeewolde

GPS : N 52.19’49.5° E 005.32’41.8°