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J304 - Monday, August 16: Spaarnwoude (sur une boucle)

77.54km  – 11H17’
Altitude : 5 m
Unusual!  The van didn’t move all day…but Serge advanced.  Look for the error!!!
Yesterday was marked by René’s return.  Today we are celebrating the departure of the dream team: Brigitte, Jean-Yves, Florian and Sébastien.   Serge is not in top form and leaves the table early, in a sweat, eyes hollow and feverish.  There is no need for alarm, it’s a drop in blood pressure which Serge is used to when he sits too long after the day’s exertion and when it is too hot (the afternoon was sultry and stormy).
We « forced » the dream team to go visit Amsterdam.  I say “forced” because they wanted to stay to give us a hand; but three were sufficient to handle the setting up of the 4x4 and refueling for Serge, since it was always in the same place.  This evening, surprise; we are spoiled because we each receive a gift “made in Amsterdam”.  Brigitte and Jean-Yves thank us for the good “vacation” with them but it is we who thank them for their presence and their discrete efficiency.  As for the youngsters, hats off!  I was the most surprised to see to what point their involvement in the adventure was taken seriously.  They are leaving tomorrow and for us the race will continue, with another day like today.  Serge will continue to run in the Spaarnwoude Park, just as he has today.  Since he does not dislike going round in circles, this morning he decides to go round in circles right here until Saturday, the day we will leave for England.
The whole team is fine and says Hi to you all!

Town : Spaarnwoude (Amsterdam)

GPS : N 52.26’14.2° E 004.40’62.2°