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J305 - Tuesday, August 17: Spaarwoude (on a circuit)

77.64km  – 11H37’
Altitude : 5 m
For the second consecutive day, Serge is running in a circle and he isn’t dizzy yet.  At 8H05, during the first refueling, Brigitte, Jean-Yves, Sébastien and Florian bid Serge and the team goodbye, before boarding the RV to drive back to our green Normandy.  Serge is happy to have spent these pas t two weeks with his son, Sébastien, for whom it was a first to join one of his journeys.  Goodbye and see you soon in France
For an instant, my heart missed a beat, my traveling companion, that I often cursed, is leaving…Roger  (Carrier Pigeon) will take it to the mechanic for a tune up before he brings it to us at Calais on September 6.
This sedentary life is salutary and we are not yet bored.  Not having the stress of the road and the itinerary means a good dose of rest.  Since Germany the situation had become difficult, which proves that our fresh approach in the first months of the race has passed and fatigue keeps us from perceiving things as we did previously.  The concept of place has also blurred because we are always on the move; we could be in Honolulu, on the moon or elsewhere, it would be all the same for me.
Since Serge has started going round, he has been listening to music on his MP3.  He is in his world, in his bubble, on a circuit that he now knows by heart.  This loop of 5.7 km, agrees with him: not too short, not too long and it means he can refuel without breaking his rhythm.
Daniel had the time to run for an hour this morning and René has resumed his job as if had been away for only a day.  The two guys had trouble leaving the van when I arrived at 4H30 to replace them.  Everything goes well, except for Serge’s extreme fatigue.  A reflection of the gray, rainy and windy weather, with a temperature of only 14°C, Serge progresses with difficulty.
This evening at dinner the atmosphere was very calm, after our evenings with 8 people, but something tells me that in 3 days there will be more of us!

Town : Spaarnwoude (Amsterdam)

GPS : N 52.26’14.2° E 004.40’62.2°