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J16 - Sunday, November 1 : Le Ponthou – Brest (Jean Guéguéniat Hall)

77.7km – 10H16’
Altitude 117m
Rainy Sunday – Happy Sunday
Two weeks into the race, in the pouring rain Serge looks like a fish in water.
Serge has been eating well from the start for two reasons: Eliane and RenĂ© prepare good food on the road: pasta, meat, mashed potatoes…..and because he stops to eat instead of eating while he walks.  It’s a detail you will say but no, it isn’t.  He eats more and therefore has more energy to eat up the kilometers!
His morale is very high and with 10 hours of sleep every night all he has to do is what he loves: run and run some more.
He won’t take a break this morning because he’s wet and he doesn’t want to get chilled.
Crossing Morlaix in the pouring rain is not pleasant at 9:20 AM, the place is deserted and for someone who doesn’t know the town the layout of the streets resembles a labyrinth.
After Saint ThĂ©gonnec we follow the route of church enclosures all the way to Lampaul-Guimiliau.  Now we know what they are: something particular to Brittany which has 4 parts: the main gate to the enclosure, the calvary, the ossuary and the church.  Here is a site for more information.
I thought that with his head down Serge was looking only at his wet feet.  No, he told me the church of Lampaul Guimiliau is magnificent. .. Once again, I’m surprised.
At the 42nd km, south of Landivisiau which we went around, Serge took the D712 which follows the Elom River to Landemau.   Everyone seems to be at lunch and this departmental road is quiet, which is lucky because normally cars speed along even though it’s a very sinuous route.
Since we entered the CĂ´tes d’Armor and even more since we have reached  the Finistère department, churches, calvaries, chapels, coffee shops, shops selling crepes, beautiful bakeries selling “Kouign amann” (a typical Breton cake) are everywhere and  everything is built of granite.
Last week we were contacted by the municipality of Brest.  The office of sports wanted absolutely to welcome us, even on a Sunday and All Saints Day and what is more during school holidays.  The welcome we received on  arrival at the western most point of France on this race around Europe could not have been warmer.
Thanks go to Mr. ApperĂ©, assistant director of sports, Mr. Riouagen, director of Sports, Mr. Madec, president of the sports office and GaĂ«lle, all of whom were present when we arrived at the Jean GuĂ©guĂ©niat Hall, and who made it possible for us to spend the night in a room belonging to the city.  Bravo to all the runners who finished the stage with Serge, who was suffering from a day spent in the wind and rain.
Good night, see you tomorrow

Town : Brest

GPS : 48.40217° - W 004.46237°