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J312 - Tuesday, August 24: Langholm - Corsock

78.06km – 11H24’
Altitude : 211m

Hello, it’s the Around the European Union Footrace calling from the hinterland of Scotland.
After the disappointment of our first day, the alternate itineraries we scouted yesterday are a real delight of tranquility.  These pristine landscapes and vast stretches of high plateau welcome contemplation but not telephone networks!
The Scots are naturally curious and charming, as we have discovered from an e-mail we received from a man just to tell us he saw us go through Canobie (he must have seen our website on the van).   And this morning we met Mary, who asked us what we were doing here and was happy to have her picture taken.  This place is indeed deserted so when something happens it is noticed.
The weather is more than chilly.  When we took the ferry from Holland, we went from summer to autumn, which reminds us that the month of August is drawing to a close.  Today the temperature is 10°C and the support team is warmly dressed.  Even Serge is careful (for once) and stuffed a wool cap in his shorts so his stomach won’t get cold.
Serge seems better.  The cold (sore throat and cough) and the fever, which lasted 2 days, have disappeared.  I must say, we “took the bull by the horns “by administering 2 grams of aspirin +2 grams of Tylenol + 1 gram of vitamin C per day as well as a 3 day antibiotic treatment. We must be sure nothing settles in; prevention is better than cure.  Because Serge’s body is vulnerable, we cannot wait and head toward disaster.  His morale is incredibly good (the Achilles tendon is still swollen but less painful).  Serge is so happy not to have lost meters and centimeters in his daily kilometer average.
There have been so many messages these past days so this one is just to ask you to be patient.  I am going to try to give you the itinerary for September 6, 7 and 8, which has been concocted by the CJD team from Nord-Pas de Calais, who have been working for several months to organize the 3 city-stage finishes:
Stage 1: Calais – Saint-Omer : Arrival at 5:30 p.m. at Place de la Mairie
Stage 2: Saint-Omer – Lille: Arrival at 4:30 p.m. Lille Grand Palais
Stage 3: Lille – Arras: Arrival at 5:30 p.m. Grand Place
Many thanks to Pascal and his team for their super efficient job of organizing.  Our visit to the Ch’tis will surely be a great event.
For the other itineraries and dates, please be patient. Lots of you have sent e-mails asking where, when, how? Once we are back in France, the itineraries will be put online the evening before arrival.  After that, all you will have to do is locate Serge thanks to his GPRS beacon.
Lastly, some of you have an eagle eye.  Yes, the site’s map is incorrect in that we updated the route from Germany.  At that point we were planning to leave for England from Belgium, which was not the case.  What is more, in France we will not go as far as Brive la Gaillarde, but we will leave Valence and go up in the direction of Clermont-Ferrand, Bourges, Orléans and Montargis, to reach Fontainebleau the evening of October 16.
Today’s photos are predominantly green and gray.

Town : Corsock

GPS : N 55.06’91.0° W 003.55’38.2°