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J313 - Wednesday, August 25: New Galloway - Cairnryan

77.03km  – 10H28’
Altitude : 4m
It was a very pleasant stage with nice roads, breathtaking scenery and Serge, who wanted to clock his kilometers « was a rocket » and often surprised René and Daniel at refueling.
In order to run his 77 km and be on time for the ferry, Serge left this morning at 5:25 (6:25 in France).  It was pitch black and we were only half awake when we hit the road.  There was a light drizzle. Then the sun came up on small mountains with a few clouds but we had sunshine until the end of the stage.
 Everyone is fine.  We are delighted by this run in Scotland, the kingdom of hikers and mountain bikes and a multitude of « off-road » tracks.  Contacts with the population were delightful and warm, contrary to the climate, which is invigorating.
Even if the route is far from flat, Serge was able to admire the scenery and these wild and sparsely populated spaces, which he loves.
We don’t know what our first steps in Northern Ireland will be like.  We have heard that the roads may not be easy or suitable to running.  Stress ahead….

Town : Cairnryan (Ecosse)

GPS : N 54.57’95.2° W 005.00’89.7°