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J315 - Friday, August 27 : Newry - Clogherhead

78.15km – 11H13’
Altitude : 24m
Finally, Wi-Fi !
It is a beautiful, sunny day with a few clouds. When he starts, Serge is wearing a jacket, cap and long pants...
Since yesterday he has not been feeling well and as he approaches km 20 he tells me «I ran at 3 per hour, my legs were weak and I thought I was going to fall over. I’m beginning to feel better but I was really exhausted”. I have no comment to make, only an observation “Serge continues to maintain an average of 11 hours on the road, in spite of his fatigued, worn and vulnerable body. And this body tends to protest severely: rash, continuous pains in the stomach and groin lymph nodes, sore throat and recurring bouts of fever. It is a weakened body which is beginning to show its limits”. I also know that Serge is not serene, but he will stick to his goal, even if he collapses. There is no “bonus” here, only a deferment!
So we go on and tomorrow, Saturday, we will be outside Dublin. The URL address has changed so the geolocalization is not available and the site has to be updated, which I can’t do it myself. I hope that our super team at Lanet can have everything working Monday. I’m sorry for this disturbance and thank you for understanding.
We have been in the Republic of Ireland since this morning and without knowing it because there was no sign to indicate a change. The only difference I saw immediately was prices in Euros at the filling stations: Ireland adopted the Euro in 1999.
Driving on the left gives us no problem since we drove on the left in Australia and Japan, in right hand drive vehicles. Driving on the left with a left hand drive seems to be easier because you have your car’s controls as you are used to them and you don’t have to reverse all your movements and make your brain work backwards. You only have to be careful to bear left, look first to the right, then the left at intersections and enter traffic circles the correct way.
And lastly some news about Daniel and René. René is sleeping badly and we feel it. I think he seems more fatigued now than when he left us after Berlin. I hope he will soon begin to sleep well. Daniel is always the same, a bit tired and he thinks a lot about people at home, the races and runners he knows and his flock at the CCPB.
While the Transe Gaule race is almost over, the UTMB takes place this weekend. What great events for our runner friends.

Town : Clogerhead

GPS : N 53.46’21.1° W 006.15’16.7°