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J17 - Monday, November 2: Brest (Jean Guéguéniat Hall) – Quimper (Place Styvel)

77.8km – 10H16’
Altitude 17m
Average heart beats per minute 97
7:20 AM we start from the Jean GuĂ©guĂ©niat Hall of Brest.  The streets are calm and there are some showers on the way down to the beach of the Moulin Blanc.  Serge heads for the foot bridge, the old bridge of Plougastel which was inaugurated in 1930, whereas the 2 vehicles cross the anchorage of Brest on the new bridge.
We meet at Plougastel Doulas to take the D33 to Daoulas before turning toward Le Faou and taking the D770 to Quimper.  The morning clouds give way to rain when we go through Le Faou.  This good drizzle continues until we arrive.
Serge is not very talkative, he forges on and since yesterday, because of the bad weather, takes only two breaks to sit quietly and eat.
RenĂ© and Eliane remark on Serge’s regularity.  Regardless of the terrain he appears at the feeding station every 5 km or 35 minutes.  There is a repetition of hills and dales.  At the 32nd km, Serge sees 2 mastiffs rushing at him, giving him just the time to cross the road as a car goes by, forcing retreat on these to enemies of the road.  At the 70th km a German shephard approaches to sniff him, Serge walks….Since the Paris Tokyo, when he crossed Greece, he has given up using the ultra sound device which is supposed to ward off one of the things  runners fear most:  dog bite.
The bad weather has discouraged runners from joining Serge and he is ready for the wringer.  Luckily, Philippe Durand and his colleagues are at the meeting point of Ty Pont, 4km from the finish, to run with Serge and guide him to the Place Styvel and the two masts of Saint-Corentin cathedral.
The Union Financière de France team has put together a festive, jovial and very Breton welcome for the arrival.  Everyone is welcome to drink a glass of cider and eat Breton cakes to the rhythm of local songs sung a group called the “dirty kids of the harbor” – in Breton one says “Mouez Port Rhu.”  Everyone listens religiously as the Breton anthem closes this fine arrival reception.
Degemer Mad Kemper!

Town : Quimper

GPS : N 47.99067° - W 004.11062°