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J318 - Monday, August 30: Arklow - Rosslare (Ferry Terminal)

85.87km – 11H51’   + 300m and 4’ on the parking lot of the ferry = 86,17km en 11H55’
Altitude : 11m
Serge decided to sleep late.  The alarm went off a bit before 7:00 a.m. and the caravan started at 7:50.  This was decided, not because Serge wanted to have a short day but because the ferry does not leave for England until 9:15 p.m.,  So we have time to make the pleasure last.  The mercury hovers at 6°C when we leave but the sun announces a beautiful day.  We have low temperatures but sunshine all day; ideal weather for running.  The route is varied with small roads and highways and never flat.  Between the sea and small mountains, the coast is craggy.
Today is the beginning of school for the little children and it is worth mentioning that Ireland is the country of youth.  Of more than 4 million inhabitants, 1.6 million are younger than 25 (1.2 million live in Dublin).  It is the European country with the largest proportion of children.  Why are there some countries, like Germany, whose birth rate is down, while here families have 3 or 4 children?  Can we talk about optimism and pessimism?  Magnificent Ireland is worth a detour and Scotland too: people are smiling, welcoming and ready to talk to you.
The month of August draws to a close and vacation is over.  Schools are starting and soon we will return to our country.  There is a smell of the stable in the air and I begin to notice it, so does Serge and the team…
In the meantime, Serge’s Achilles tendon is again swollen and painful and he no longer talks about the pain on the left side of his belly.

Town : Rosslare (Irlande)

GPS : N 52.15’05.0° W 006.20’03.6°