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J319 - Tuesday, August 3: Fishguard – Llanllwi (Wales)

76.28km – 10H47’   
Altitude : 169m

Last week in a log I said we would not go through Wales.  I have to make a correction, because this morning at 1:00 a.m. we landed at Fishguard, in Wales, which is just opposite Ireland.  This part of the United Kingdom is rather wild: sea, mountains, and sheep (apparently there are 4 sheep for every inhabitant). We are made seasick by a succession of domes which seem to want us to capsize: the road twists and turns and descends and Serge is on a course that is far from monotonous.

But most importantly, the day did not begin until 8:46 a.m., with breakfast taken on the road at 7:50.  We are not really lazy on the Around the European Union Footrace but we have to adapt to the upsets in our schedule caused by the ferry crossing and a rough night, which was not reparative for Serge.  So the Chief decided to leave late.  This morning there is no need to wear a cap or gloves or jacket; it is warm and the sun is already high in the sky.  Yesterday, Serge got sun burned because he did not pay attention to the sunshine, which was masked by the chilly sea air, so this morning he applied sun block before leaving.
It was indeed a beautiful day.  There is greenery everywhere and the secondary roads are still winding and narrow. The hills are not cultivated and serve as pasture for sheep and occasionally cows.  As opposed to Scotland, there are no stone walls but hedgerows, which give a woodland air to the scene.  There is an occasional tree and sometimes domes of grass and heather reach an altitude of 400 meters where sheep graze and which offer unbroken panoramic views.

For the fun of it, Serge tried to climb a hill backwards, which is more comfortable for him because he has no buttock muscles or thighs; however, it is not very practical for seeing oncoming traffic…

Town : Llanllwi (Pays de Galles)

GPS : N 52.02’14.6° W 004.12’09.6°