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J18 - Tuesday, November 3: Quimper (Place Styvel) – Le Bonhomme, 1km after the bridge

76.5km – 9H47’
Altitude 38m
7:20 AM Serge starts, the sidewalks and pavement are shiny with rain and the street lamps along the Odet River give a surrealistic appearance to this departure.  Where is he headed?  The Saint-Corenthin is sparkling and it’s impossible to resist its charm….
Day breaks and the D765 leads us to Saint-Yvi after a long ascent and then one village follows another: Rosporden, Bannalec, Mellac, and Quimplerlé.  The grayness makes us neither morose nor contemplative; the traffic never ceases.  The D765 is a heavily traveled road and there is a succession of increasingly impressive roundabouts.
At the 43rd km Serge stops to rest.  He has run out of steam and lies down in the van for 5 minutes while he eats a slice of cake and some energizing fruit compote.  He takes off, back in shape.
We are nearing Le Morbihan.  The wind, which has been favorable up to now, begins to blow in gusts head on and it starts to rain.  At the 63rd km, a team from the Lann-Bihoué naval air base joins Serge.  Thanks go to Daniel, Frédérique, Luc, Mathieu and Frank who guide Serge across Lorient and accompany him to the end of the stage.  It was a moment of genuine sharing which was wet but pleasant in spite of difficult conditions.
Hats off to Eliane and René who, umbrella in hand and with wet feet, are always even tempered and don’t grumble about taking care of Serge.
The wind is fierce as Serge crosses the Bonhomme Bridge and he holds the hand rail for fear of being blown away.
Tonight we take refuge in a hotel at Hennebont, 4km from our arrival point.  René is going out, invited by his granddaughter, her finance and his family, whereas Eliane, Serge and I  eat in the room, a wonderful meal of cold Breton pancakes spread with pork mincemeat, soup and potato salad accompanied by typical Breton beer: a real feast.
Its 8:00 PM, Serge is in bed

Town : Le Bonhomme(Lanester)

GPS : N 47.75966° - W 003.28624°