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J334 - Wednesday, September 15: Reims – Vassimont and Chapelaine

78.06km  – 10H55’   
Altitude : 165m
Dead calm and no storm warning…
The start, leaving Reims, was rather chaotic.  René and Bertrand decided to turn onto secondary roads, which of course are longer but it doesn’t matter because we have no performance this evening.
We go through the Reims Mountain regional Nature Park in the in the rain and among vineyards.  The grape pickers come from some distance, because there is a Polish bus parked near the vines and everyone is actively picking grapes.
The sun peaked out and the wind came up and from km 55 to 70 blew in our face, because the cultivated plains don’t serve as a break.  The villages are deserted and for the moment we get the impression that a phantom could appear from nowhere.  There is nothing to take our mind off the race.  Serge seems to be lost in thought and I joke with the boys by saying they may be lucky to see a doe.  As for me, I saw 3 squirrels cross the road in front of me.
Mamie, I goofed because Serge wanted to surprise you on the 24th and I gave it away…I hope  you won’t be upset and above all that he will be able to give you this great gift (I know that he is really motivated) !
As for me, I continue to trace itineraries and I thought I had gone further this evening but here I am only as far as Belfort.  But for the moment, the caravan is leaving the Marne and we will sleep at Mailly-le-Camp in the Aube department.  Tomorrow there is a finish planned at the Aube Stadium in Troyes.  See you soon.
PS: I wonder what René and Bertrand are going to write in their “private” diary.  There are fields as far as the eye can see, with a phantom village from time to time...

Town : Vassimont et Chapelaine (Marne)

GPS : N 48.76’39.5° E 004.14’64.0°