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J19 - Wednesday, November 4: Le Bonhomme 1km after the bridge – Surzur (sports hall)

68.75km – 8H38’
Altitude 27m
7:30 AM Serge begins the day with a 10 minute interview by ERTF radio before reaching the departure point where we stopped last night.
Departure is in the sunshine but the day isn’t without clouds because of the frequent showers all day long.  There is 80% humidity and the ever present wind.  The Gulf of Morbihan impresses us even if our route does not pass by the famous resorts such as la Trinité sur Mer or Carnac.  We go through some delightful villages: Belz, Bono and Noyalo….
Auray and Vannes, two historic cities will be the pet aversion of the day.  It’s easy to imagine how delightful it is for someone who wanders in the center of town.   For us who must follow Serge it’s another matter.  In Vannes Serge was guided by two local runners and took small streets without telling us.  René left Eliane to guide Serge.  He lost her, then found her, then took the wrong direction.  In the meantime, Serge remained for 10 km without food or warm clothes and had time to get chilled.  This evening he isn’t feeling well, with a stomach ache that is keeping him from eating as much as he should.
In the end, crossing city centers, even small cities, is more of a chore than a pleasure on this Around the European Union Footrace.  It’s a race against time especially when you spend an average of 10 hours on the road every day.
On the list of complaints today, we notice that all these towns have started road works and the traffic around Auray and Vannes is deafening.  Daily traffic noise in our normal life affects us less than when we have to put up with it at the roadside, where the decibels reach the limit of what we are able endure when trying to have a conversation.
Luckily, this evening the town of Surzur has been most hospitable.  We are welcomed by Carole, responsible for sports, by Mr. Le Nevé, mayor of this town of 3,500 inhabitants, as well as by the members of the town council.  There is a welcome drink for everyone and we taste for the first time a local drink: sparkling cider made from a variety of apples called “Queen of Guillevic”.
Between Sea, Sky and Earth… it’s the Gulf of Morbihan with its slate roofs.

Town : Surzur

GPS : N 47.58113° - W 002.63090°