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J343 - Friday, September 24: Munwiller - Sevenans

76.76km  – 10H12’   
Altitude : 365m

600 marathons in 342 day 5 hours and 32 minutes
Happy Birthday Mummy!

The day was rainy and the temperature was half as high as yesterday!  The rain joined the party at km 30 and continued almost to the end of the stage.

This morning we made a 20 km hop to start at Colmar so the number of kilometers needed would be run in the time necessary to reach Sevenans, where we had to be at 6:00 p.m.  Between Saint-Bernard and Dannemarie we took the tow path along the Rhine-Rhone Canal, where Serge had the extra advantage of getting soaked.  He put on gloves and a cap because the humidity tends to cool him off and the 14°C temperature didn’t warm him up.  At km 54, we ha a surprise visit from Serge, from the Doubs department. Neither the kilometers nor the rain could dampen his motivation.  Tomorrow we will start 6 km from where he lives and we have already made a date to meet there.

« 600 marathons ».  This major objective was reached at km 65 in the Belfort territory, at Charmois.  So now, what if we were to take off to get some sunshine in Corsica until October 17?  No, that is definitely not on the program for the next few days…. What will there be to motivate our runner now?  What new objective will he find between now and October 17?  God only knows because fatigue is more and more real and the only things that help Serge get started every morning are his morale and his motivation.  

Thanks go to the Belfort section of the CJD who organized this finish in conjunction with a lecture by Mr. Bernard Laporte, previous Secretary of State for Sports.  Serge’s arrival signals the opening of the evening, after a finish at Sevenans, where he was accompanied by some of the young members of the Luz soccer club.

So, three cheers for sports and see you tomorrow!

Town : Sevenans (Territoire de Belfort)

GPS : N 47.58’80.4° E 006.86’64.6°