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J345 - Sunday, September 26: Dijon – Molay

76.41km  – 9H07’   
Altitude : 191m

Happy Birthday to Bertrand, a happy crew member who is celebrating his half century!

The stage for October 16:  Montargis - Fontainebleau (the itinerary will be posted online later)
Finish October 17 at l’INSEP – Avenue de Tremblay, 75012 Paris
There will be no stage between cities
Serge will enter l’INSEP around 9:00 a.m. and will run on the track in the INSEP until 11:06 a.m.  He will be accompanied by everyone who wishes to run these last two hours of the Around the European Union Footrace, and celebrate the 365 days of the race...  

We leave the capital of Burgundy at 7:45 a.m. for a new day on the road.  The population of Greater Dijon is 250,000 but on this Sunday morning there is little traffic; everything is quiet, especially because we are taking small roads to the north-east of the city.  We circle around and cross thus, Arcelot again before heading due south to enter the Jura department at the end of the stage.  Thus, we change region and are now in Franche-Comté.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to sample all the specialities of our beautiful French regions, or to savour all the delicious “nectars” from our vineyards but our runner friends don’t forget us, so the van is a veritable larder and René has even made a cellar to stock all these gifts, which we will enjoy when the time comes.  Many thanks to all.

We have no rain but there are clouds and bright patches and a cold wind.  Serge is running at a good pace today.  He craves solitude and does not want to share his road.  Basically, he wants to be able to pee in peace (especially because he stops more than 15 times during a stage to relieve his bladder). Serge has not said anything but seems to have a goal for the number of km he will run each day and why not a round number, by October 17.  Today the wind is favourable and enables our runner to have a smooth stride.

So, Serge H, after being present for 4 days and running a second complete, consecutive stage accompanies a runner who is in his “bubble”.  Chantal and Michel Piroux, from the Ain department, arrive just before km 50 for a visit.  Michel brought his running ear and joined the 2 Serge.  The Piroux family hosted us in Romania, “their second country,” and we are delighted to see them again.  Chantal thinks of everything: sugar pie, apple pies.  If Serge has lost kilos the support crew tends to put on weight.  Far from being chauvinistic after crossing some 50 countries in the past 12 years, I must confess that we have eaten best in France, or at least it is where there is the most variety.

Serge is all smiles when he shares a meal with the whole team.  He seems more relaxed.  Tomorrow the program is the same and we will head south.

Town : Molay (Jura)

GPS : N 47.01’61.5° E 005.40’35.6°