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J20 - Thursday, November 5: Surzur (sports hall) – Pornichet (Place des Oceanides)

71.9km – 9H02’
Good morning everyone,
It’s unusual, Serge is lengthening the stages.  It’s the news of the day!
Our departure from Surzur is normal, with 4 courageous runners, among whom Carole, the person responsible for sport in the city.  On the D20 which leads to the town of Muzillac, this small group runs Indian file because of the truck traffic.  It doesn’t make for easy conversation!
Once we pass the town of Camoël, at km 28 we head due south toward the Loire-Atlantique department.
Since October 26, when we entered Brittany, Serge has run in every beautiful department of the region: l’Ille-et-Villaine, les CĂ´tes d’Armor, Le Finistère and Le Morbihan.  Our only regret is not to have had the time to:
Eat in a pancake house to taste the local buckwheat pancakes
To photograph a Breton flag, even though many are flying in front of town halls
Serge passes the medieval city of Guérande at the beginning of the afternoon in brilliant sunshine (please note that on November 8 the 33rd edition of the pedestrian corrida of Guérande will take place).
We are in the heart of the salt marshes, a remarkable place which became a World Heritage Site in 1996.  The salt is collected by the salt gatherers between June and September, so we are now in the “off” season.  The rectangular pools, which look like mirrors, are empty of salt being decanted.  For more information you can look at the following sites: or
In this very restful and flat country, Serge doesn’t want to lose time with stops because this evening we have a meeting in Pornichet at 5:45 PM and he is ahead of schedule.  He decides to extend the stage to clock more than 70 km, instead of the 61 originally planned.  Eliane knows the region well and takes Serge to Pouliguen in the salt marshes.  Serge has an Excel spreadsheet in his head and saw yesterday that his average daily distance has fallen to less than 70 km.  I wonder if his obsession with figures is as strong as his passion for running……
At 4:45PM Serge is standing in front of the Casino of La Baule.  The Pornichet running association, as well as other clubs from the region is here.  The departure on the embankment will take them for 5km.  At the gates of Pornichet a swarm of children is waiting for Serge to run the last km and this whole group comes safe into port at the Place des OcĂ©anides, in front of the bar “Le Suroit”.  Organized by the Saint Nazaire chapter of the CJD, the welcome couldn’t be warmer.  Thanks to StĂ©phane and Lionel for the logistics.  Sheltered from the wind we accept a glass of Sangria and some hors d’oeuvres while Serge answers questions from the local media, the children and their elders.  Christian, a representative from the Laboratory of GuĂ©rande, gives Serge a sampling of food supplements that stimulate recuperation.  It’s true that Serge, apart from his 3 citrus fruit juice: “grapefruit, lemon and orange” does not take any food supplement whatsoever.  And last but not least, thanks go to Christophe of the UFF and his colleagues.

Town : Pornichet

GPS : N 47.26481° - W 002.34414°