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J24 - Monday, November 9 : Les Ponts-de-Cé (Emstal Hall) – Beaufort-en-Vallée (Roger Serreau Stadium)

56.5km – 6H56’
Altitude 21m
Good evening,
It was a day of zigzagging for Serge, who was scheduled to run a stage of 32 km, but because he wants to keep to his average daily mileage the route took on a very irregular shape (see photo).
He and his friend Joël decided to leave together for an early morning run to the Belle Poule levee at 8:30, for a 14km warm up.  They were back at the Emstal Hall at 10H20, in time for Serge to eat bacon and eggs and give an interview to the local TV station, Angers7.  The official departure takes place at 11:00, direction the banks of the Loire and then the banks of the Authion, with a few detours in this flat countryside.
We passe close to the city of Trélaze, known for its slate quarries, and then head  in the direction of Mazé, the carrot capital because the sandy soil of the valley is well suited to that crop.  The houses there are made of tufa stone.
Serge runs at a good pace and from km 10 is accompanied by a team called l’Entente Sportive du Val d’Anjou, a Club of Beaufort-en-Vallée, which has 170 members and two experienced trainers, Eric and our Joël.
For the occasion, the club designed very conspicuous t-shirts:  fluorescent yellow with dark printing.  The sunshine is waiting for us and once again Serge is in his element.
At 4:00 PM 2 classes from the local high school are there to run twice around the track with Serge and our « canaries of the day. »  Beaufort-en-Vallée organizes a semi-marathon in which we have already participated and which combines achievement and festivity.  Rémi Godard, president of this semi-marathon personifies perfectly these two words.
I know that thanks are the daily fare of our logs but today more than ever we feel very much at home and it does us a lot of good.
We  raise our hat to Eric Senée, Remi Godard and Mr. Patrice Bailloux, responsible for sport in the city, and of course the entire team of the ESVA who worked so hard to make this stage a real celebration.
And last but not least we salute Mr. Jean-Charles Taugourdeau, deputy mayor who also represents his fellow citizens at the National Assembly.  He is a runner and has participated in the semi-marathon of his city.
It’s worth noting the surprise visit of Gaëtan and Patricia who come to install a GPS/GPRS beacon, but we will talk about this some other time.
Before closing we need to mention  the students of 2 high school classes who ensure the daily update of  the European Union Footrace score board, which is in the main hall of the school (see photo)

Town : Beaufort-en-Vallée

GPS : N 47.43763° - W 000.23067°