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J27 - Thursday, November 12 : Vouneuil (Creps de Boivre)-Saint Maxire (salle des fĂŞtes)

76.7km – 9H07’
Altitude 19m
Back in Deux-Sèvres!
Saint-Maxire, everybody out!
Our thanks to the municipality for the welcome extended to us last night.
The halt is improvised in the old meeting hall with rough stone walls but the atmosphere is warmed by our lively conversation, yes very lively…
Serge is happy at the finish to be with Alain Malleareau, previously of Saint-Maxirais and who now lives in Niort, 12km from here.  Alain and his brother, Guy, hold the world record for a 6 day relay with 1365.4km and he himself has some fantastic results 252.449km in 24 hours and 395km in 48 hours.
Gilles, a young manager and Thierry, from the club « fondus de Vouneuil » also run with Serge for the entire stage.
Serge runs against a head wind all day long.  There are some showers and a bright patch which lasts 15 minutes.  There are several rivers to cross: the Sèvre Niortaise, the Vonne and the Egray, each with a characteristic stone bridge, one narrower than the other.
Eliane and RenĂ© are always even tempered and are on top of the situation for 12 to 14 hours because the days start before the race and end after it has finished.  Serge was silent all day long but is inexhaustible this evening.  Eliane gives him a foot massage and he is in heaven: it’s the 4th massage since the race began!
Serge is experiencing pain in his peroneus muscles, which stabilize the foot when it hits the ground.  He moves to the other side of the road so there will be a more favorable incline and asks for some cold spray, which RenĂ© and Eliane get at the pharmacy.  We are in Sanxay, at the 25th km, still in the Vienne department and Serge is looking at his feet.  For the past 2 days he has been running with his head down, doubled over in pain.
Enfin un départ en marchant sur 500 mètres à ma demande car les raideurs sont spécialement présentes. Notre nuit, au Creps, s’est très bien passée, nous nous sommes pris pour des étudiants le temps d’un soir.
Finally Serge makes a start walking for 500 meters.  I requested it because his stiffness is all too apparent.  Our halt at the CREPS went well; we acted like students for the space of one night.

Town : Saint Maxire

GPS : N 46.40186° - W 000.47582°