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J28 - Friday, November 13 : Saint Maxire (salle des fêtes) – La Rochelle (Stade Le Parco)

City : La Rochelle
GPS : N 46.17339° - W 001.17747° At 7:00 Alain is already here while Serge is finishing his breakfast. At 7:25 the mayor of Saint Maxire, Mr. Bremaud, comes to see us. He is disappointed that he wasn’t able to give Serge an official welcome. We are happy to have seen him. We wish to thank Mr. Primault for welcoming us to this beautiful little town off the main roads of Poitou, where at sunrise the stone houses look like jewels in a case of greenery.
After Saint-Rémy, we enter Vendée for a few kilometers (this department is part of the Pays de Loire Region) until we reach a place called « La Barbée, » a hamlet at the edge of the Vieille Sèvre River. We are in the heart of the Poitevin marshland, better known as the Green Venice.
At about 12:45, Serge enters the Charente Maritime Department, in the town of la Ronde, before taking a long straight line to Marans along the canal of la Banche. Serge is alone for a while and puts on his ear phones to listen to some music.
From Marans it’s a descent toward the south, against the wind and this wind from the south is not warm…..
At Saint-Xandré members of the CJD are waiting for Serge. A meeting is scheduled with a school at 4:00. There is a surprise visit which warms our heart; Guy Malleareau, Alain’s brother, of whom Serge has spoken to me so often, runs the last kilometers with him. The day continues toward La Rochelle with a small group of runners.
The sky gets very dark but we don’t get rained on.
Among the group awaiting our arrival is a small team from Surgères with Michel, the organizer of the famous « 48 hours, » Bernard, sales manager of UFF with his team, a few children who run two laps in the stadium with Serge and then Thierry and Sylvie who stop to say hello to Serge on their way between Toulouse and Vendée.
Thanks go to the team of the CJD: Frédéric, Bruno, Denis, Eric and Laurent who organized the arrival. Under neon lights and in front of the group Serge may look fresh as a rose but his fatigue is building up. This evening he is beat and dreaming of only one thing: sleep!
For your information, tomorrow morning we won’t leave from Le Parco Stadium. It means we will gains 10 to 15 minutes in the day, which promises to be very long. Also, leaving La Rochelle for Aytré from our hotel Aquarelle will be easier for the

Town : La Rochelle

GPS : N 46.17339° - W 001.17747°