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J31 - Monday, November 16 : Jarnac (Place du Château) – Angoulême (Lacroix Stadium)

57.6km – 7H37’
It’s a rainy but a happy day.  Before leaving, Serge calls his parents and his sister.  He’s very talkative.  When he reaches Jarnac, at km 7, he is soaked but it doesn’t dispel is good mood and smile.
The thread that runs through the day is the Charente River, which we cross 6 times…The cameras are at half mast because of the rain, which doesn’t let up until we near Angoulème and quite frankly because of  the low grey sky we have no desire to look up and enjoy the scenery.
Jean-Jacques came back today to follow the entire stage.  Serge akes advantage of his knowledge of  the area to go by way of Saint-Saturnin, which was not planned at the start, because he is ahead of schedule for the meeting at 4:30 at the entrance to the city.
Serge and some 40 runners, of which the eldest is 78 years old, run the last 9 km in the city, all the way to the old town perched on a rocky promontory which is surrounded by ramparts, before descending and crossing the river one more time.  Angoulème, prefecture of the Charante Department, is a city made famous by its annual comic strip festival at the beginning of the year.
Tonight the CJD team of Angoulème has organized the finish at the Lacroix Stadium, which will be our headquarters for an evening.  A meeting has been scheduled as usual and fatigue takes wings; Serge’s face lights up.
The locker room is full, with a dining table, a table where we can put our personal gear: toilet kits and breakfast food.  There is a desk to hold 2 computers, 2 hard disks, 3 cellular telephones, the watch and the GPS/GPRS beacon, rechargeable batteries, batteries for the camera.  Without electric power Serge could continue to run but there would be no website, no photos, no watch, and no beacon.  That would be independence… But there is electricity, without which we would have used our gasoline powered generator, so we are not cut off from the world and our faithful internauts.  See you tomorrow!  
On the European Footrace every day is Christmas.  Serge and the team receive gifts every day: books and trophies, bouquets of flowers, bouquets of chocolate, foie gras, bottles of wine, cider and t-shirts…We are spoiled wherever we go and this evening originality is the word because Serge leaves with a stuffed toy hedgehog and a pair of  locally made “Charentaises” slippers.  Thanks go to Julien and his whole team of the Agoulème chapter of CJD, for this last stage in Poitou-Charente.

Town : Angoulème (16)

GPS : N 45.65699° - W 000.15409°