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J32 - Tuesday, November 17 : AngoulĂŞme (Lacroix Stadium)- PĂ©rigueux (Municipal Cap Rugby Stadium)

80.6km – 10:22’
Today the sweetness of the air is that of Charantes rather than Anjou. At 6:15 the CJD team from AngoulĂŞme brings coffee for the few daring souls who are running with Serge
6:45 Serge and the team are ready. Jean-Jacques suggests an alternate route to leave town which is easier than the one chosen with Google. He accompanies us the whole stage, acting as guide not only on the road but also in the towns we cross and he gives a brief commentary of our surroundings.
There is no wind or rain, the sky is sullen and even though a fog rolls in it doesn’t dampen the good spirits of everyone. For 70km the itinerary is completely rural, lost among small roads which are often sinuous and their tranquillity would be disconcerting, if it weren’t for an occasional car speeding by. We savour this peacefulness in a scene which is sometimes mountainous, as when we cross the city of La Tour Blanche, with its Troubadour Street, or ramparts which are bucolic and so ancient, old farms, chateaux, abbeys, wash houses. Dordogne breathes peace and serenity. Welcome to green Périgord:
Our arrival in Périgeux is without drums or trumpets, a much more intimate welcome at the rugby men’s stadium, rugby being the city’s favourite sport. We don’t see the Gallo-Roman city with a 2000 year history, or the Saint-Front Cathedral, which is an important halt on the road to Saint-Jacques- de- Compostelle. To see these wonders we will have to come back because at this late hour the support team is beginning to close down after its short day, which has been going non-stop 5:15AM to 9:00 PM… No time for tourism but we do have time to admire our surroundings and make some unplanned encounters!
Many thanks to François who tried to organize a good finish. Unfortunately, his call was not heard. In spite of this, a country-style buffet supper with local wines made the end of the evening very pleasant. Serge made only a brief appearance, his face consumed with fatigue. He sat down but because he wasn’t feeling well decided to go lie down. It’s time to sleep because Serge’s salvation is in 10 to 11 hours of sleep. Good night!

Town : PĂ©rigueux (24)

GPS : N 45.19127° - W 000.69963°